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Ombudsman (confidential legal counsel) for Lufthansa AG

Deutsche Lufthansa has set up whistleblower systems for the reporting of compliance violations. For many years, the company has appointed, among others, attorney at law Dr. Rainer Buchert from law firm Buchert Jacob & Partner in Frankfurt am Main to act as ombudsman.
He is represented by attorney at law Dr. Caroline Jacob.

The duo have long-standing experience as ombudspersons and, as lawyers, are specialised in compliance matters and act as EU data protection officers.

Attorneys at law Dr. Rainer Buchert and Dr. Caroline Jacob are available to whistleblowers who wish to provide confidential information about suspected white-collar crime or other serious irregularities with the potential to harm Lufthansa or its subsidiaries (LH Group). In addition to typical white-collar crime, such as corruption, fraud or embezzlement, this also includes violations of data protection laws and regulations, money laundering, human rights violations or discrimination, among others.

When a report is received, it is reviewed by us as ombudspersons and the reported information is forwarded to Lufthansa's Compliance Office (CJ/C), provided a whistleblower has provided their consent. According to attorney-client privilege, we as attorneys have a duty of confidentiality, i.e., the identity of a whistleblower is protected and not disclosed to Lufthansa AG. In addition, processes and data in law firms enjoy a higher level of protection from judicial seizure than documents held in companies (Federal Constitutional Court in Neue Juristische Wochenschrift 2018, 2385, 2386 et seqq. mn. 68).

For information on the protective effects for and the rights of whistleblowers under the new EU Whistleblower Directive, please visit us at:

We will be happy to advise you if you have additional questions.


Whistleblowers can contact us in our capacity as ombudspersons by phone, contact form, fax or letter. Of course, in-person meetings can also be arranged, even if only the advice of an ombudsperson is sought.
Whistleblowers do not incur any costs.

Attorney at Law Dr Rainer Buchert

Attorney at law Dr. Rainer Buchert, police chief u. D.

Kaiserstraße 22, 60311 Frankfurt, Germany

Phone: (0049) 069-710 33330
(0049) 06105-921 355

Fax: (0049) 069-710 34444

Attorney at Law Dr Caroline Jacob

Kaiserstraße 22, 60311 Frankfurt, Germany

Phone: (0049) 069-710 33330

Fax: (0049) 069-710 34444

Whistleblower contact form

In addition to the aforementioned communication channels, we also provide employees, business partners and third parties with an encrypted, specially protected electronic reporting channel. Via a dedicated whistleblower contact form, a confidential report can be submitted in various languages without us being able to trace the person reporting it. Of course, this channel is also subject to attorney-client privilege and the information is received and processed exclusively by us as ombudspersons.

Whistleblower contact form

Please note

The whistleblower system is not a complaints office, and we, as ombudspersons, are not arbitrators or mediators.

For customer complaints, please contact: